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Full title [All Rooted Android]Android Hack Tools Collection
Date add 06-14-2016
Category Android botnet




  1. FaceNiff is an Android app that allows you to sniff and intercept web 
  2. session profiles over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to.
  4. It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but 
  5. it should work over any private networks (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)
  7. It's kind of like Firesheep for android. Maybe a bit easier to use (and it works on WPA2!).


  1. ZImperium LTD is proud to annonce Android Network Toolkit - Anti.
  3. Anti consists of 2 parts: The Anti version itself and extendable 
  4. plugins. Upcoming updates will add functionality, plugins or 
  5. vulnerabilities/exploits to Anti[
  9. Using Anti is very intuitive - on each run, Anti will map your network, 
  10. scan for active devices and vulnerabilities, and will display the 
  11. information accordingly: Green led signals an 'Active device', Yellow 
  12. led signals "Available ports", and Red led signals "Vulnerability 
  13. found". Also, each device will have an icon representing the type of the
  14. device. When finished scanning, Anti will produce an automatic report 
  15. specifying which vulnerabilities you have or bad practices used, and how
  16. to fix each one of them.


  1. Little brother of DroidSheep


  1. Is an Android app for Security analysis in wireless networks and capturing facebook, twitter, linkedin and other accounts.


  1. The goal of the USB Cleaver is to silently recover information from a 
  2. target Windows 2000 or higher computer, including password hashes, LSA 
  3. secrets, IP information, etc... beauty lies in the fact that the payload
  4. can run silently and without modifying the system or sending network 
  5. traffic, making it near invisible. It captures all the information to a 
  6. LOG file stored in your sdcard and can be reviewed at anytime.

6.WiFi Kill

  1. Well, with this app you can disable internet connection for a device on 
  2. the same network. So if someone (anyone) is abusing the internet wasting
  3. precious bandwidth for a Justin Bieber videoclips you could just kill 
  4. their connection and stay happy with a full bandwidth just for yourself.


  1. Network Spoofer lets you change websites on other people’s computers – from your phone

8.Droid Sheep Guard

  1. DroidSheep Guard runs silently and monitores your phones ARP-Table. As 
  2. long as everything looks normal, it will be invisible.
  3. But in case it 
  4. detects suspicious entries in your phones ARP-Table, it will pop up and 
  5. warn you. If you want, the WiFi connection is disabled immediately to 
  6. protect your accounts.


  1. Prank Call

10.Shark App Pack (Shark & Shark Reader)

  1. Traffic sniffer, works on 3G and WiFi (works on FroYo tethered mode too).
  3. To open dump use WireShark or similar software, for preview dump on phone use Shark Reader(Application for reading pcap files).

11.SMS Combo

  1. The SMS Combo allows you to send a simple SMS by touching a single 
  2. button. This is a lightweight and simple application. You can send 
  3. multiple SMS by touching the button many times in a row.
  5. It’s very useful for voting to support your favorite candidate with multiple SMS!

12.Gamecih.Game Killer.Game Guardian,HaXplorer

  1. Android games cheat engines

13.Netswiss Tools

  1. Net Swiss Tools is compilation of network tools with a very simple and efficient user interface.
  3. This release contains ads to help the developpement of the tool kit. If 
  4. you clic on an ad it will disable ads for the current session.
  6. If you want a version version without ads please take a look at the paid version.
  8. With the menu button you can :
  10. * Export result
  12. * Save/Load/Delete your testing parameters
  14. * Lock screen rotation(Landscape/Portrait)
  16. * Quit
  18. At this time it supports :
  20. * App 2 SD
  22. * ARP cache
  24. * DNS (a the moment Simple Host Name to IP and reverse)
  26. * Netcfg
  28. * Netstat
  30. * Network discovery
  32. * Ping (system ping)
  34. * Ping Sweep (based on system ping)
  36. * PS dump(Process Information)
  38. * Route print (with address decoding in option)
  40. * Trace route (special implementation because MTR and classic is not possible on non rooted phone)
  42. * TCP Port Tester (with fast port selection)
  44. * TCP Port scanner(with fast port selection)
  46. The scan is cancelable with back button
  48. Configurable timeout
  50. * UDP Flood
  52. * WHOIS request (with the possibility to choose the whois server), Recursive 5 deep max
  54. * WOL, Wake on LAN
  56. In the future it will support :
  58. * TCP test Server (maybe Netcat like)
  60. * Network properties
  62. * Port live view scan
  64. * Network scan


  1. dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims 
  2. to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced 
  3. professional toolkit to perform network security assesments on a mobile 
  4. device. Once dSploit is started, you will be able to easily map your 
  5. network, fingerprint alive hosts operating systems and running services,
  6. search for known vulnerabilities, crack logon procedures of many tcp 
  7. protocols, perform man in the middle attacks such as password sniffing (
  8. with common protocols dissection ), real time traffic manipulation, 
  9. etc,

15.SMS Retaliator

  1. “SMS Retaliator” is a one of a kind Android application that is well 
  2. tested and easy to make use of for the end user. It does following 
  3. items:SMS Block List & Reciprocate SMS

16.Spy Kit Universal Mailer

  1. <p>With this tool, you can take the e-mail identity of whoever you want, or
  2. simply make a new one up. For example you can send someone a mail from 
  3. Rovio, asking them to help in making the next Angry Birds, or from Tony 
  4. Stark, asking for some upgrade ideas for the Iron Man suite.
  6. After choosing your sender identity, you can use the rest of the tool as
  7. a normal e-mail application. It even has conveniences such as Cc and 
  8. Bcc, as well as a contact list which automatically stores any new 
  9. addresses you enter. It's quick, easy, and convenient, and may just be 
  10. the thing to turn your mission into a successful one.
  12. The tool also has a powerful function called Reply To, which allows you 
  13. to get responses for the sent e-mail. Basically, it sets a return path 
  14. for any replies. However it is a tricky function to use, that can 
  15. sometimes create more problems than solutions, so be sure to read more 
  16. about it by touching the switch in the Reply To field.
  18. When you start up with the Universal Mailer, your e-mails are limited to
  19. 10 per day, in order to prevent misuse. However, as you use the tool, 
  20. you will level up, and your limit will rise more and more.

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