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Full title Gorynch / DiamondFox Cracked Builder + Panel
Date add 09-06-2015
Category Bots "Click Show ALL"

Gorynch / DiamondFox Cracked Builder + Panel

Bot updates released date: June 18th 2015
- Cracked date: June 23rd 2015
- Bot Update log ver:
- Protection: VMProtect
- Builder language: VB6 P-Code
- MD5: BD0BB7537EA45B477B0F8E1B400003BF
Credits: ToW / The old Warrior

Download and execute (in memory)
Download and execute (on disk)
Open website (Visible)
Open website (Hidden)
UDP Flood
HTTP Flood
Enable / Disable Host Editor
Enable / Disable PoS Grabber
Spam with bots (inbox)
Bitcoin Wallet Stealer
Facebook / Twitter Message spread
Firefox homepage changer
Enable / Disable Keylogger
Take screenshot
Password Grabber (Chorme, Firefox, Opera, IExplore, Safari)
FTP Grabber (Filezilla)
Instant Messaging Password Grabber
Update bot

Builder Options:
Fallback panel.
Custom Connection time.
Encrypted connections.
Encrypted data inside the bot.
Custom User-agent.
Disable Regedit.
Disable Taskmanager.
USB Spread.
Spread Dropbox.
File Extention Selector
User Acount Control Forcer.
Custom install name
Custom install path
HKCU startup method
Winlogon startup method
Startup folder method
Optional melt function
Startup persistance
Automatic keylogger installation
Automatic Point-Of-Sales grabber installation
Automatic grabbers routine

Extra Info:
Very stable connection.
Random Access Memory plugins execution
Works with any crypter.
Lite Ring3 RootKit (Hide registry keys).
No need dependencies.
Detect IP, country, antivirus, firewall, cpu, gpu, ram, memory, disk, user, PC name, hwid, software architecture and status.
Ability to send individual commands for each bot.
Ability to select the bots by country, status, by type or all.
Statistics. (Map, reports, status, operating system, host status, keylogger status, PoS status, System Architecture, antivirus and firewall)
Real-time Connection Notifications.
Communication between the bot and the panel are encrypted.
Spam is made for bots, not by the webpanel.
Based on plugins so more features will be added in the future.
Working on all OS. (XP, vista, 7, 8, 8.1) (We are starting support for Windows X)


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Deleted, Admin Please post another link , it is broken.

sorry it's working , my bad

if its work then i will thankfull

i just downloaded through the link but the archive is locked, pls what is the password this

pardon me pls, i just saw the password now, will get pack to you about how it worked or not. but thanks alot for this
seanbidemy's picture

please where do i get the passowrd?

this password :

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