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Full title Loki Stealer 1.6
Date add 03-23-2017
Category Bots "Click Show ALL"


Loki Bot - Resident Loader and Password & Coin Wallet Stealer
Loki Bot is resident loader and password and cryptocoin-wallet stealer. It comes
with wallet checker (coin inspector, read below). It can steal passwords from
browsers, ftp/ssh, e-mail and poker clients. Written in C++. Works on Windows XP,
Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. and Linux. Bin size 70kb.

Loader features:
- Startup (resident loader)
- Download & Run (exe | dII)
- Download & Drop
- Update bot
- Uninstall bot
- Get password from bot per request
- Geotargetting, load to selected country

Supported Browsers:
- Internet Explorer
- Mozilla Firefox
- Google Chrome
- K-Meleon
- Comodo Dragon
- Comodo IceDragon
- SeaMonkey
- Opera
- Safari
- CoolNovo
- Rambler Nichrome
- RockMelt
- Baidu Spark
- Chromium
- Titan Browser
- Torch Browser
- Yandex.Browser
- Epic Privacy Browser
- Sleipnir Browser
- Vivaldi
- Coowon Browser
- Superbird Browser
- Chromodo Browser
- Mustan Browser
- 360 Browser
- Cyberfox
- Pale Moon

Supported FTP/VNC clients:
- Total Commander
- FlashFXP
- FileZilla
- FAR Manager
- CyberDuck
- Bitvise
- NovaFTP
- NetDrive
- NppFTP
- FTPShell
- SherrodFTP
- FTPBox
- FtpInfo
- Lines FTP
- FullSync
- Nexus File
- JaSFtp
- FTP Now
- Xftp
- Easy FTP
- NETFile
- Blaze Ftp
- Staff-FTP
- DeluxeFTP
- FTPGetter
- AbleFTp
- Automize
- RealVNC
- TightVNC
- Syncovery
- mSecure Wallet
- SmartFTP
- FreshFTP
- BitKinex
- UltraFXP
- FTP Rush
- Vandyk SecureFX
- OdinSecure FTP Expert
- Fling
- ClassicFTP
- Maxthon browser
- Kitty(login+private key)
- WinSCP

Supported E-mail clients:
- Outlook (2003-2013)
- Mozilla Thunderbird
- Foxmail
- Pocomail
- Incredimail
- Gmail Notifier Pro
- SNetz Mailer
- Checkmail
- Opera Mail
- FossaMail
- MailSpeaker
- yMail

Supported IM clients:
- Pidgin

Supported Poker clients:
- Full Tilt Poker
- PokerStars

"Sticky" related Clients:
- StickyNotes
- StickyPad
- To-Do Desklist
- Stickies
- NoteFly
- Notezilla

Supported Cryptocoin:
- Bitcoin
- Litecoin
- MultiBit
- Electrum-BTC
- Electrum-LTC
- Armory
- Namecoin
- Ufasoft
- PPCoin
- Blockchain
- Ixcoin
- Feathercoin
- NovaCoin
- Primecoin
- Terracoin
- Devcoin
- Digitalcoin
- Anoncoin
- Worldcoin
- Quarkcoin
- Infinitecoin
- DogeCoin
- AsicCoin
- LottoCoin
- DarkCoin
- BitShares
- MultiDoge
- Monacoin
- BitcoinDark
- Unobtanium
- Paycoin

Coin Inpector:
Supported client's wallets: Bitcoin-qt, Litecoin-qt, ... *-qt, MultiDoge, Multibit

- Get, process wallet from Panel or from Directory
- Retrieve balance
- Check if locked or not (if locked, then can start brute (pre defined list and
generated list (from report)))
- Check transactions (yes/no)
- Update blocks
- Backup/Update/Delete processed wallet
- Priority (Panel)
- Bruteforce locked wallet, from list, or from user's pass list


Download Please LOGIN to download
Download 2 Please LOGIN to download
Download (VIP MEMBERS ONLY) Only vip members able to download

Terms of use of comments:
  • Users are forbidden to exchange personal contact details
  • Haggle on other sites\projects is forbidden
  • Reselling is forbidden
Punishment: permanent block of user account with all Gold.


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