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Full title Megalodon Panel HTTP
Date add 07-16-2016
Category Bots "Click Show ALL"


Download and execute
7 ddos methods
Remote shell
Crypto miner
AV Killer

OS Supported: All Windows based OS from Windows XP -> Windows 10
Language: Stub is coded with C# with the .NET Framework 2.0
Password Recovery: Latest IE, FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Filezilla FTP, Steam, Minecraft
Crypto mining: The miner covers all SHA256 and Scrypt currencies. (ex: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Omnicoin & Dogecoin)
Stability: It can hold 10-20k easily.
DDoS: UDP, HTTP Flood, SYN, NTP, XML-RPC Pingback, Slowloris and A.R.M.E.



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  • Users are forbidden to exchange personal contact details
  • Haggle on other sites\projects is forbidden
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Punishment: permanent block of user account with all Gold.


this site never sent me the email could you link the download

very good but ddos not working :/
speckled_eggz's picture

You're supposed to analyze it, not abuse it.

let me check it bro

let me check first :D

hello, anyone can give me a tutorial to build the botnet. thank you
speckled_eggz's picture

Script kiddies are not welcome.

mining doesn't exist in the panel.

i found it , in settings, but it isn't working. there is a directory called mmmx that contains the miner files, what should i do with it?

Why it works only on Windows 7 And higer?

Why only can hack 2 PC only ? Or this problem from me ?
speckled_eggz's picture

You shouldn't be "hacking" any personal computers. It's meant for educational and security purposes for professionals, not wannabe black-hat "hackers".

the panel don' t work : |

Why only can hack 2 PC ?!!

let me test it and see will be back with report
Exupr32's picture

this thing is beast, and a very odd program. I am using two packet sniffers, and 2 firewalls (default windows + zone alarm) and many other programs. the stub.exe sucessfully connects to remote server and commands sent back and forth work 100% sucessful and immediate super stable, HOWEVER. its very hard to reverse engineer the virus. using a packet sniffer its still very hard to get the HTTP1/1 algorythem pattern to be able to make a new program to do. ive worked with many HTTP bots but this one is very weird and hard to reverse engineer and a little more stealthier actually in many ways. despite the original author being called 'nooby' even by law enforcement agencies
speckled_eggz's picture

There is nothing stealthy about this bot. It was built by an incompetent developer and "skidder" who had a very hard time using non-deprecated functions. And no, the "bot" is not stable. It can hardly run in a perfectly stable PHP and MySql environment, and it communicates with no encryption, making it easy to sniff a login attempt, let alone the vulnerabilities located all over the panel itself, which is just appalling. It's a complete, 100% hackforums skid botnet. Also, it is not hard to get the HTTP1/1 algorithm is uses for communication because Hypertext Transfer Protocol is universal and billions of websites use it. Fourthly, it is not hard to reverse engineer, and the law enforcement agencies have justified means to call the author "nooby" because that is 100% true.
Exupr32's picture

if anybody has the original stub.exe source, or tips on how to replicate the HTTP post/get communication algorythem patern of it please reply/message me or add me on fb: Nemesiss Gemina


where *.sql ?

What is the decompression password?

no found lol

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