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Full title Athena IRC Bot v2.4.0 [Cracked]
Date add 09-02-2015
Category Bots "Click Show ALL"

Athena IRC Bot v2.4.0 [Cracked]

Athena is a stable DDoS bot coded in C++ (zero dependencies) perfect for infecting and herding Windows machines. This bot features some of the best, most advanced DDoS tactics available on the market that will take down webservers, gaming servers, teamspeak/VoiP servers, home connections, etc with ease. It is resistant to botkilling, and will kill most other bots available.

The bot comes equipped with:
– Botkiller capable of wiping out bots such as Andromeda, Zeus, SpyEye, Insomnia, SmokeLoader, ngrBot, etc…
– 11 methods of DDoS, the same tactics used in AthenaIRC(some of the strongest DDoS tactics available on the market)
– A built-in website checker that utilizes bots, not unlike or
– SmartView/normal view/view hidden(from random existing brower)
– In-depth statistics about each bot
– Download/Update/Uninstall
– Shell commands(because you never know)
Please note: The bin is not FUD.


Commands/Features: (You can set any of these in your topic – bots will parse the command on join)
DDoS Commands
[Port 80 is most common for websites]
!udp – Sends mass amounts of random packets to target host/ip, perfect for home connections(SYNTAX: !udp host/ip port time)[Use ‘0’ to flood random ports]
!condis – Rapid connect/disconnect flood, it takes down gaming(ie. CSS) and teamspeak/VoiP servers like gravy(SYNTAX: !condis host/ip port time)
!httpget – Rapidly sends hundreds of HTTP GET requests every second from each bot
!httppost – Makes hundreds of HTTP POST requests from each bot, and holds connection by slowly posting content
!slowloris – Connects to a webserver through several hundred sockets per bot, and sits on it.
!arme – Exploits a vulnerability in Apache that crashes servers though many bulk partial headers requests at once causing a lot of memory to swap to the remote filesystem. It will break vulnerable servers’ physical hardware if vulnerable enough.
!rudy – Slowly posts data to existing forms on a given website in many concurrent submissions.
(SYNTAX: !ddos-type port time)[a specific directory/file is optional]

IRC War Flooding Commands
!irc – Connects to IRC, and floods a target(#channel OR user) utilizing many different communication techniques in IRC. (SYNTAX: !irc 6667 180 nickname/#channel)
!anope – Layer 7 IRC DDoS. It doesn’t matter if the IRC network’s hidden hub is protecting services, they can still be ddos’ed at application layer. This attack will crash anope services. (SYNTAX: !anope 6667 180)

Misc. Bot Commands
!id – Displays the version of the bot and who it is licensed to
!ping – Returns bot’s ping time to its current connection
!openurl – Opens a webpage in the default browser(SYNTAX: !openurl
!openurlhidden – Opens a webpage hidden in Internet Explorer(SYNTAX: !openurlhidden
!blockurl – Creates a line in the computer hosts file that disallows access to a specified host(SYNTAX: !blockurl
!dlexec – Downloads and executes a file from a URL(SYNTAX: !dlexec
!update – Downloads and executes a given link. The bot will uninstall after successful execution(SYNTAX: !update
!remove – Uninstalls the bot and deletes any traces of itself

!btcwallet – Scans bot computer for wallet.dat(BTC wallet) and uploads it to an FTP of your choice(SYNTAX: !btcwallet user123 pass123)

IRC Commands
!raw – Sends raw commands to the server(SYNTAX: !raw PRIVMSG #channel :message)
!silent on/off – Toggles bot output(overridden by the !raw command)
!join – Joins bot to a channel(SYNTAX: !join #channel [chankey])
!part – Parts bot from a channel(SYNTAX: !part #channel)
!newnick – Changes bot nickname using a new random number and name
!randnick on/off – Toggle for random bot names(Samantha58385) and info-based bot names([A|WIN7|4]abcde)
!reconnect – Attempts to reconnect to the current IRC server/network and channel after disconnecting for 20 seconds


Download Please LOGIN to download
Download 2 Please LOGIN to download
Download (VIP MEMBERS ONLY) Only vip members able to download

Terms of use of comments:
  • Users are forbidden to exchange personal contact details
  • Haggle on other sites\projects is forbidden
  • Reselling is forbidden
Punishment: permanent block of user account with all Gold.


please i need Tutorial on how to build this Athena IRC Bot v2.4.0, please any help will be appreciated
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Script kiddies aren't welcome.

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